I guess I should probably wrap this up then…

I don’t really have a leg to stand on do I – we’ve been home for around seven weeks already and as far as you guys are concerned we never left South Africa! Anyway, we made it home eventually, after a nine hour flight from Cape Town to Dubai and then a seven hour flight from Dubai to London Gatwick, and although I want to write a nice long post about what we’ve been up to since getting home I also don’t want to bore you, so let’s make this one a quick one shall we?

We’ve finally started living out of wardrobes again, have been seeing as much of our families as possible to make up for a years worth of time apart, had the absolute pleasure of attending the wedding of our two best friends, managed to fit in four music festivals so far (that’s Slam Dunk, Glastonbury, British Summer Time & The Vicars Picnic) with another (Level Up Fest) next weekend, and even arranged another little holiday already (albeit only to Cornwall).

My former employer Broadcast RF offered me my old job back so I’ve jumped straight into the world of employment again, while Abbie’s working part time at M&S before starting at Canterbury University in September to fulfil her dream of one day becoming a primary school teacher. I honestly couldn’t be any prouder!

In other news my brother had our birthday on June 5th (it was his 21st and my 25th – yes he was born on my 4th birthday), have bagged ourselves a pair of Tottenham Hotspur FC season tickets for the upcoming 2017/18 Premier League season, and still I’m finding old travel blog bits that are popping up from time to time (like this interview with World 4or Photography from December 2016)!

In short, it’s all going pretty well actually! This isn’t all about Abbie and I though, it’s all about you guys too – I owe each and every one of you a massive thank you. Not only those of you who I actually know, those of you who helped us achieve this dream or those of you who played your part along the way, but to those of you who I don’t even know but followed my blog for a year because you were actually interested in our lives (how crazy is that!?).

I know it’s taken a while, but I think that’s me just about done. Maybe one day I’ll make something else of my passion for writing, but for now I’m going to take a well earned break I think.

“We did it!” – Abbie Parkes, Thursday 25th May 2016 x


About danstravelling

Dan. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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1 Response to I guess I should probably wrap this up then…

  1. Glad you two are safe back home! Thank you both, Abbie and Dan, for taking me along on your wonderful and inspiring journey, it was a fun ride! Should you ever be in the Nuremberg area, get in touch, it would be fun to meet! Marcus


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