Days 170 & 171 – Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th November 2016 

Finishing up and getting out of here, sort of…
Although we don’t fly out of New Zealand until Monday 14th November we’re leaving the farm before that. We planned on staying right up until the day we get going, but our hosts said that they had a surprise for us instead. We couldn’t really say no to that could we? 

Day 170 – Wednesday 9th November 2016 
This morning I was left in charge of showing two newbies (Bertrand and Charlotte) the morning food run, but managed to convince Toni to come as well because I was completely unsure of what to do and where to go. That left four of us squashed into the car doing a two man job, which I don’t think our host was particularly happy about. Oh well! 
Things all got a little bit heated and I felt super awkward in the back of the car, but thankfully it didn’t take too long though else I think I’d have gone a bit mad. 
In the afternoon we said goodbye to Nicolas and Ambre, a couple who we got along with really well, who were leaving for Buenos Aires. After they’d gone Ashley, Marcus and Dennis went on the afternoon food run and left the rest of us behind. With our painting completed and everything packed away we started on odd jobs here and there to help out the others. 
Everything was going well until around 17:00 when it started to get unbelievably windy. The scaffolding had to be pulled down because it was unsafe, anybody working on the roof jumped down because they didn’t want to end up losing balance, and then Charlotte, the youngest member of the group, got smacked straight in the face with a wooden window shutter which came loose from the wall.  
She was down and out, had no idea what happened, started hyperventilating and didn’t want to move from the floor. Everybody rushed over to her so I stayed out of it completely and made her a cup of tea with the intention of distracting her from the fact that she’d been beaten up by a part of the house. By the time tea was ready Abbie had already taken charge, pushed everybody else back so that she could comfort Charlotte in English (the others were French, German and Swedish), and even had a kitten to keep her mind off of things. 
Nobody really worked after that because the weather wasn’t holding back and we deemed it a bit too dangerous. Charlotte ended up going to hospital with a suspected fracture, but was alright in the end. It was a frantic afternoon so we had a very relaxed evening to try and bring ourselves back down to earth, then went to bed once we’d all calmed down a bit. It was good to see the back of this one that’s for sure! 

Day 171 – Thursday 10th November 2016 
You may have noticed that we worked loads on the farm, which was on purpose to accumulate days off so that we can treat our last few days as a mini holiday. Today was the fiest of our days off, which we spent handing over any unfinished tasks to the other volunteers and then packing up all of our belongings in preparation to leave. It wasn’t until around 17:00 when our hosts got home from work that we started loading our things onto the trailer, ready for the six hour drive across the country to Karamea, where they have a holiday home. Accompanied by Toni, Maike and Ashley, who also racked up a few days off and came along with us, we spent the evening on the road and arrived at Karamea Holiday Homes just after midnight: 

Having arrived so late we went straight to bed in the lodge, which accommodates up to ten people in two double rooms and a shared dorm. The surprise definitely went down well with all of us – we couldn’t wait to wake up and have some time to ourselves here tomorrow. 

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Dan. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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