Day 169 – Tuesday 8th November 2016

Kaikoura Adventures…
Today we took the day off, mainly because there was just too many of us and we’d only have ended up getting in each others way, but because it was meant to be a lovely day too! Joined by Ashley, Marcus and Dennis we drove for two hours as far as Kaikoura where we stayed for the entire day. 
We parked at the start of the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway, stopped for photographs of the local seals, then spent a while taking in the absolutely stunning scenery:

After walking for a while we found a hill which seemed seriously steep in person but actually looks quite small in the photo! Anyway, us three guys decided to climb to the top, and as the others (who have absolutely no fear) ran straight up, I climbed it on all fours because I’m a big pansy:

On our way back to the car we asked some fellow walkers to take a group photo, so here it is, with Ashley in the middle, Dennis to her right, and Marcus on the end:

Our last stop of the day was at Ohau Stream Walkway and Waterfall, where (you guessed it) Abbie went for a splash before we started the drive home:

We didn’t get home until around 21:30 but before bed I noticed a new email regarding some material that I put together back on our first farm for the team at Givingway. They asked me to give five tips for first time volunteers, and included an article about it in their latest post which you can check out online here. Hopefully more collaboration opportunities come up soon because I’m starting to enjoy this guest posting thing quite a lot as it goes!  

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Dan. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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