Days 167 & 168 – Sunday 6th & Monday 7th November

More people than we have beds…
We knew that people were coming and going regularly here, but assumed the maximum number of guests was around ten. Boy, we’re we wrong! 

Day 167 – Sunday 6th November 2016
Today we carried on struggling to reach parts of the house, which given that I’m not particularly great with heights was quite a challenge. I’m getting much better though, you would have never seen me pose for a picture like this before: 
Other than having help from Maike who volunteered to hang over the edge of the roof just in case it helped (which it certainly did), today was pretty much the same as the last few. 
The one exciting thing was dinner when we had alpaca, which was a first for loads of others but not for us. This wasn’t just any old alpaca though, his name was Rudolph, and although we didn’t meet him he was livestock on the farm just before we arrived. Our mate Horris (the pig who isn’t doing great) might end up in the same place soon if he doesn’t start getting better… 

Day 168 – Monday 7th November 2016 
This morning, three days after the last food run, we ran out of fruit, vegetables and slop to feed the animals. Our only option was to feed them all buckets of bread, which they did eat eventually, but definitely weren’t happy about:

At around 14:00 two new people arrived, Theodore and Lisa, a couple from Sweden. We expected them, but only after receiving a text message at lunch time, which gave us just about long enough to make up a few beds and pretend that we always knew they were coming. It went a bit downhill from there though! About ten minutes into showing them around another guy turned up, Marcus. He’s great but we didn’t know anything about him, so awkwardly welcomed him into the house and then checked with our host to make sure that she was OK with him staying, which in the end she was. 
That made thirteen guest in a house with enough room for ten at most, and that’s with the spare room occupied. So what did we really need? Another one. Our last new arrival of the day was Dennis, a Dutch guy, who I just didn’t know what to do with. Again I text our host for suggestions, to which her reply was one of the best I’ve ever received. “Put him in the Harry Potter room” she said – that’s literally the cupboard under the stairs. I can’t even take a photo worth posting here because it’s so small and dark. 
I was pretty much left in charge with Abbie and Toni out on the food run, and to say it was a stressful afternoon would be an understatement, but everything worked out in the end.  We loved having loads of company but didn’t really know what to do with everybody, so played a few games of cards to make the others feel welcome. It was interesting enough just having so many people around, so the idea of everybody working together in the morning was bound to be good! Still, at least we had a bed to sleep in not just a cupboard, right? 

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