Days 165 & 166 – Friday 4th & Saturday 5th November 2016

Call me DIY Dan… 
Before leaving home I could only just about put up a flat packet Ikea cupboard. Look at me now though, I’m an expert at this rennovation stuff!

Day 165 – Friday 4th November 2016
This morning it was my turn to do the food run, accompanied by Maike, who was probably the worst but most entertaining person to take with me. Instead of paying attention to the sheet of directions she instead taught me how to say ‘I am Dan the truck driver on the Autobahn’ in German, which meant that we took about an hour longer than expected, but had a pretty good time in the process. While we were out Abbie teamed up with Toni and moved the scaffolding so that we could start again on another part of the house.
We switched roles after lunch, so Abbie went on the food run with Toni, while I got started on scraping and sanding all over again. Even with the ladder and scaffolding our new working area was a lot more difficult than the first, but I done as much as possible on my own before the others got back and helped me to finish up. At the end of the day we had half of the new area ready and coated in pigment sealer, but a chimney in the way of the other half. We knew that we’d have to climb on the roof to reach any more and didn’t fancy doing that for the first time as it started to get dark, so called it a day and made a plan for the morning. It was a long one again today, but productive to say the least:

Besides, painting is quite fun, especially when the weather treats us well!

Day 166 – Saturday 5th November 2016
Abbie and I managed to get all of the undercoat done by mid-morning and then had to work out how to go about climbing the roof. We asked around and eventually found a roof ladder, which was just about as sketchy as the scaffolding but our best and only option:

In the afternoon Toni taught the goat to jump which had everybody impressed, even if he wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about it himself:

Then for dinner Abbie and Maike cooked pumpkin soup using Maike’s grandmother’s old recipe, served with home made cheesy garlic bread and bruschetta. 
Around 20:30 we drove to New World for beers, then had a huge bonfire and fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night

Okay so the picture doesn’t do the fire justice, but it was massive, and meant that we didn’t get to bed until the early hours of the morning. It was nice to do something of an evening instead of just heading straight to bed though, that’s for sure. 

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Dan. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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